Parking Instructions

Parking Map and Instructions

Event Location: Bayside Park, 999 Bayside Parkway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

ALL Racers – Including ALL MINI and ITSY BITSY Should be at Race Venue before 7:45 am many of you will need to be there much earlier of the start of your race - this is when the intersection into the venue at J street / Bay Blvd will be closed for the race. The police will meter people through when they can, but this causes a long back up of cars. It is very likely that all parking in the area west of Bay Blvd will be taken up before 7:00 AM, therefore allow yourself time to park and ride or walk in. It is best practice to come early and cheer on others while you wait for your race.

Athlete / Spectator Drop Off Zone: We do have a designated drop off zone for you to use to drop off racers or spectators – See Parking Map. Athletes may want to drop off their spectators and gear, then go park the car and ride in from a remote lot. If you are coming by yourself you could park in one of the remote lots and ride in wearing your transition back pack

If you or your spectators plan to leave before the Bike portion of the course is over, then it is best to park in a remote lot and ride in (or be prepared to wait to be metered across live course by police.)

Parking is available in designated athlete lots and on public streets. Please always look for and follow all No Parking, and temporary No Parking signs. Streets used on the race course will be closed to parking at all times.  Please do not park in the J Street - Chula Vista Marina lot. No parking will be available in Bayside Park main lots for racers or spectators on Sunday.

Bayside Park, 999 Bayside Parkway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

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